Apartment Building Washing

Dirt, pollen, leaves, moss and other organic debris builds up on the exterior surfaces of apartment buildings. There is no way to avoid it. Not only unsightly, this debris can also stain and damage the siding, roofs, sidewalks, windows, stairs, monuments and signage on your multi-family property. Routine apartment building washing can help protect your investment, and improve curb appeal. No one wants to live in a dirty home!

Apartment Building Washing

Safe, Effective Apartment Building Exterior Cleaning

At CHS Clean, we use a soft pressure washing technique that involves traditional pressure washing tools, but incorporates special nozzles designed to protect the integrity and finish of exterior surfaces. The nozzles disperse water at a lower psi than the traditional pressure washing techniques do. We can soft pressure wash painted surfaces without removing the paint. We can soft pressure wash stone surfaces without etching. We can soft pressure wash signs and monuments without damaging messaging. Sometimes the job does warrant traditional pressure washing. Our pressure washing motto is “effective cleaning without damage.” We have the knowledge and experience to do this right. CHS Clean uses high-pressure washing on appropriate concrete and asphalt surfaces to unveil a truly clean – often surprisingly clean – surface.

Breezeway Cleaning

CHS Clean knows the impact a clean breezeway can make! Thorough concrete cleaning makes for happy tenants, and can play a key role in bringing in new residents. Our commercial window cleaning service is tailored to the business. We work with the local team to schedule times that work and stick to an agreed-upon schedule. All of our technicians are trained in window cleaning, and are provided with the best tools available for their craft. Our team members are indoctrinated in our core value of customer service first, so you can expect courteous, professional techs each visit. Ask us about getting on a regular schedule of breezeway cleaning to keep your apartment complex looking great year-round!

Apartment Complex Concrete Washing

Concrete parking lots and sidewalks are a key component of your property. Concrete can get dirty and are particularly vulnerable to mold, especially in our region. CHS Clean provides professional roof washing (link to new roof washing page) using the soft pressure washing technique. We can soft wash roofs without disturbing the shingles or underlayment. Our soft wash pressure washing incorporates special biodegradable chemicals that safely and effectively break down and remove organic materials. The result is a clean, structurally unaffected roof, free of organic debris. Roof washing promotes overall aesthetic value and can extend the life of the roof.

Quality, Customer-Focused Service

We understand your priority is your tenant. At CHS Clean, we work with property managers and owners to schedule cleaning times that make sense. You can depend on us to arrive when scheduled, so you’ll be able to notify your residents and plan accordingly. All of our technicians are trained to complete their work in a professional, courteous manner. Before we set the date, we’ll visit with you regarding the specific needs of your property to come up with a comprehensive plan.

You can count on CHS Clean for a thorough exterior washing that will protect your investment and delight your residents. Contact us today for a free apartment building washing estimate.