Commercial Pressure Washing

Keeping the exterior of your establishment clean makes good business sense. Commercial pressure washing encourages customer engagement and boosts employee confidence in their employer. The regular removal of dirt, grime and other debris will extend the life of your exterior structures. Pressure washing is a very effective way to remove the build-up of all the organic material that accumulates in our environment. Our custom soft-washing technique delivers the power of high-pressure washing, but eliminates the opportunity for surface damage. You can count on CHS Clean to reveal the true clean of your business exterior and outdoor elements, safely and effectively.

Commercial Power Washing

At CHS, we use a soft pressure washing technique that involves traditional pressure washing tools, but incorporates special nozzles designed to protect the integrity and finish of the surface. The nozzles disperse water at a lower psi than the traditional pressure washing techniques do. We can soft pressure wash painted surfaces without removing the paint. We can soft pressure wash stone surfaces without etching. We can soft pressure wash signs and monuments without damaging messaging. Our soft wash pressure washing incorporates special biodegradable chemicals that safely and effectively break down and remove organic materials.

We Can Clean It

Dirt, mud, grime, moss, algae and pollen. There is no way to avoid it here in our area, but our soft washing technique can remove it. Though not exhaustive, the list of what we can clean includes:

Heavy machinery
Concrete sidewalks, sports courts and other pads

Let CHS show you – and your customers- what true clean looks like. Contact us today for a free quote.

Commercial Pressure Washing

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