House Soft Washing

The outside elements can take a toll on the exterior of your home. Dust, dirt, grime, pollen, algae, leaves, mold and moss – they can’t be avoided; but, they can be effectively managed through house washing. Exterior house washing not only protects your investment in your home, it boosts your curb appeal.

House Soft Washing

The Soft Pressure Washing Technique

Dirt and other organic material can stain home siding. The mold, mildew and moss can even cause permanent damage to the paint and surface of your siding, possibly threatening its structural integrity. At CHS Clean, we use the proven soft pressure washing technique to effectively clean home exteriors. Traditional pressure washing can be damaging to home siding, trim and some decorative stone. Soft pressure washing involves traditional pressure washing tools, but incorporates special nozzles designed to protect the integrity and finish of the surface. The nozzles disperse water at a lower psi than the traditional pressure washing techniques do. Instead of sheer water force, soft pressure washing uses special biodegradable chemicals to safely and effectively remove the organic materials. You can soft pressure wash painted surfaces without removing the paint. You can soft pressure wash soft stone surfaces without etching.

Soft pressure house washing is safe and effective for cleaning:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Wood siding
  • Engineered wood siding
  • Metal siding
  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Stone facade
  • Fiber-cement siding & trim
  • Wood & vinyl trim
  • Gutters
  • Exterior light fixtures

House Washing for Better Health

Dirt, pollen and other organic residue can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew to grow on your home exterior.

Mold is a common fungus. Microscopic mold spores are present everywhere in our environment. It is when these spores find damp spaces with abundant water and food that problems begin to occur. Mold can colonize and spread rapidly with the right conditions. The typical characteristics of mold on an exterior home surface are a musty smell, black or gray smudges and an overall fuzzy appearance. Once you see mold, it is very likely just the surface of the problem because mold is invasive.

Stachybotrys chartarum, more commonly known as “black mold,” has made headlines in recent years for being a hidden, deadly mold problem. Thankfully, Stachybotrys chartarum, is actually pretty rare; one reason being that these spores fair poorly against the many common mold varieties competing for vital resources. But, all mold is damaging to structures, and can cause health problems. Common mold reactions include watery eyes, itchy throat and respiratory challenges. Mold can be particularly triggering for asthmatics and those with severe allergies. When disturbed, even simply by wind, the mold growth will spread through spores which can also be inhaled by people. Mold can even wash off your home exterior onto the ground and be tracked into your home.

Mildew is another problematic fungi that can grow on the exterior of your home. It will typically present with a white or gray powdery appearance. Our climate and overall environment can encourage mildew growth as it thrives in areas that remain damp (think shady trees, humidity and rainfall). Mildew spreads very quickly. Not only is it a real eye sore, it can also be a health hazard, causing reactions similar to those seen with mold.

So, in addition to the aesthetic benefits it brings, house washing makes good health sense. Because it removes dirt and pollen and other fungi “food,” house washing is the first line of defense against mold and mildew. Moreover, it can remove mold and mildew that has taken hold, preventing further spread.

Professional Soft House Washing

We’ve been at this for 30 years now and we’ve learned some things along the way. At CHS Clean, you can count on receiving the best level of care for you home. We assess and inspect all structures before finalizing our scope of work. Our techs are trained in providing effective cleaning that protects the integrity of your siding, trim, and gutters. We’ve invested in the best tools to get the job done right, quickly and professionally. And, because we are a full-service provider, we can provide window cleaning and roof washing in conjunction with your soft house wash.

Protect your family and home from the wear and tear of the outside elements. Boost your curb appeal with a clean facade. Take pride in and enjoy the appearance of a truly clean exterior. Contact CHS Clean today for a no obligation quote on house washing.