Benefits of Pressure Washing Before Repainting a Home

Are your getting ready to repaint your home? Whether you are looking to change the color or just touch up some fading paint, your home can benefit from a solid pressure washing first before applying new paint. However, repainting a home requires a long list of prep, what makes adding on having it pressure washed first so beneficial?

Benefits of Pressure Washing Before Repainting a Home

Removing Embedded Grime

Before repainting, your home’s exterior should be cleaned off to help the paint be evenly applied to the home. While sometimes a simple spray down is done, if you look closely, you will often find grime and debris embedded deeply. For this, you need more than just a hose. You need high pressure to flush it out.

Removing Chipped Paint

If you are repainting because your old paint job is starting to show its age, you need to go around and remove areas of flaking or chipped paint before painting over it. However, if you have your home pressure washed, the act will do it for you, presenting you with a nicely flat surface ready for repainting.

Longer Lasting Paint Job

No one wants to paint a home only to have to repaint it again in a few years. A long lasting paint job starts with a clean surface. If you just paint right over mold, embedded grime, or even chipping paint, you can expect that new paint to start flaking sooner. Furthermore, it will make your new paint job look uneven, and that is just as bad.

Once pressure washed, you will want to allow for about a day to allow it to fully dry before applying paint. If you are interested in reaping the benefits that pressure washing can provide even if you aren’t painting, contact us today to see how CHS Clean can help you get a picture-perfect clean home or business.