Brighten Up Your Home By Pressure Washing It!

Painting your home isn’t the only way to make sure your house stays in tip top shape. Pressure washing (also known as power washing), is an excellent way to brighten up your home and extend your house and paint’s lifespan and can save you some money instead of constantly having to repaint your home. Power washing isn’t just for your home’s exterior either. It can be done on your porch, deck, pool, driveway, sidewalks and so on.

Brighten Up Your Home By Pressure Washing It!

Hire An Expert To Power Wash Your Home

Power washing can be very dangerous if done by the wrong hands. Even if you have done it before, not all power washers are the same. Some have higher pressures than others, or different nozzles for different surfaces. Pressure Washers can have a powerful kickback, just like a rifle or a shotgun. If not properly handled, you can find yourself damaging your home and require even further repairs, or worse give yourself  an injury.

You can use the wrong pressure setting and damage your wood or vinyl sidings. Concrete and brick exteriors are much more forgiving if you accidentally use a hire setting, but your wood exterior is not. Especially if you have a deck or stairway made of Teak, which is an even softer wood. The wrong setting might simply leave your wood splintered, or worse can leave a massive hole in your siding and you suddenly have a lot more to worry about than just a minor exterior molding issue.

Maybe you have handled a pressure washer before. You know what setting you want to use and what material your are pressure washing. Most of the time you could simply use water. Suddenly you had a massive rainy season or a high-moisture season and now there’s a ton of moss or mold growing on your property and water isn’t cutting it anymore. You need a heavier solution now.  An expert pressure washer knows what ratio of bleach and water to use to remove the mold or mildew without causing color damage (it is bleach after all). An expert also knows which cleaners are plant friendly and which ones are more toxic. Or, you might have an extremely serious situation and even the normal ratio won’t cut it.

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