Maintaining Outdoor Surfaces: Pressure Washing vs. Stain

When you want to preserve outdoor surfaces and improve their appearance, you might wonder if you should stain, paint or pressure-wash it. These options have a number of different benefits and disadvantages:

Maintaining Outdoor Surfaces: Pressure Washing vs. Stain


If you stain a deck or other outdoor surface, you’ll need to do so again whenever the coating begins to deteriorate. It’s possible that you will have to reapply stain as frequently as every other year.


Pressure washing takes substantially less time than painting or staining. If you plan to hire a contractor, you’ll almost certainly spend less to power wash the surface than you would pay someone to stain it.


The tools needed to stain siding or a deck cost relatively little and don’t demand much storage space. Pressure washing requires more expensive equipment and attachments, but you won’t have to buy them if you hire a professional.


Pressure washing is better for your health and the environment as long as a skilled operator completes this task safely. Unlike painting or staining, it doesn’t create any harmful fumes. It also produces less waste than a major staining project.


There’s a risk of spilling or dripping paint on the wrong surfaces. Power washing can inflict more serious damage and injuries, so it’s wise to use an experienced service provider rather than attempting to perform this task on your own.


If you’re sure that staining is the best solution, consider using pressure washing first. Stain is more likely to adhere to a clean surface. A power washer removes grime and old paint more efficiently than scraping or scrubbing.

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