Parking Lots: Key Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing

Maintaining your commercial parking lot is an essential part of business operation and presentation. Routine commercial pressure washing of your parking lot has a number of key benefits to consider.

Parking Lots: Key Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing

Parking Lot Safety

Oil and car fluid residues, moss, mold, dirt, algae, gum, and bird droppings are just a few of the things that can collect on your parking lot. These substances quickly load the cracks of parking lots, which creates a smoother surface over time. The porous design of parking lots is what makes them safe for vehicles to drive on, and for customers to walk on outside, especially during inclement weather.

The more natural debris and other muck that collects on the parking lot, the slicker and more dangerous it becomes. A dirty parking-lot then becomes a driving hazard, as well as a fall hazard for customers. Routine pressure washing not only keeps your customers and their vehicles safer, it also helps protect you from liability claims of neglect if an accident occurs on your commercial property.

Parking Lot Cleanliness

Dirty parking lots look duller, dingier, and over time, even brown and a little muddy or slimy. After a few months without being pressure washed, parking lots will start to look a little less maintained. After six months or more, a dirty parking lot is much more likely to look filthy, unmaintained, and neglected.

The more filthy a parking lot becomes, the more likely your customers will also track everything from the parking lot into your business. This tracking causes dirtier floors. Dirty parking lot tracking can also lead to mold growth inside your establishment, as well as negatively impact the air quality.

Parking Lot Damage Prevention

When the dusty, dirty, grimy residue builds-up on your parking lot and gets into the cracks, it also slowly starts to expand the sealant joints, as well as the structural joints, of the structure. Over time, this expansion can cause serious, costly damage to the parking lot.

In addition to slow expansion of joints from debris, it only takes a few seeds and the right conditions for weeds to start setting-up roots underneath the soil of the parking lot. Little weeds that peep through the surface of concrete or asphalt can create big roots over time, which is one of the main culprits for cracks and gaps in the surface. Routine commercial pressure washing of your parking lot will prevent this costly damage from occurring.

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