The Huge Benefits of Roof Cleaning

Your roof is right above you. Ever thought about what’s up there? It’s outside, but can anything on it get into your house? Let’s take a look at the substances that might be up there, along with the huge benefits of roof cleaning.

The Huge Benefits of Roof Cleaning

Bacteria & Pollen

In the spring, it’s go-time for pollen, and we see it pile-up in layers within no time. Rain only washes part of it away, and no matter what time of year it is, pollen, bacteria, and other stuff from the trees and air collects on your roof. Once the pollen and stuff sits on your roof, it can cause mold and other growths inside your home, as well as negatively impact your HVAC and indoor air quality.

Roof cleaning will safely remove bacteria and pollen, while also improving your indoor air quality and prevent mold growth.


Where there’s moisture that sits, there’s usually mold spores growing. From the bacteria on your roof to little pockets of moisture, roofs are prime areas for mold growth. Because mold spreads so easily, it doesn’t take much for it to make its way into your attic and walls.

Some molds are relatively harmless, but mold can cause health issues, from mild skin and breathing reactions to serious diseases and lung problems. Plus, if mold spreads and goes untreated, it can be a huge hassle a cost to remove.


Acidic compounds alter and consume roof materials over time. Acid can get on your roof from the environmental problem of acid rain, which happens when pollutants react with the air and form acidic compounds. Even the best roofs will eventually break-down and deteriorate from exposure to acid.

Acid can also get on your roof from bird droppings, which is extremely acidic. Bird droppings can also carry diseases that you don’t want just sitting on your roof!

If it’s been a while, or never, since you’ve had your roof cleaned, contact us today!