What Surfaces Benefit Most From Professional Pressure Washing?

Some home or business owners may not know how effective pressure washing can be on the exterior of their home. It can make dark and dirty concrete look like it was just poured yesterday. However, pressure washing isn’t just for concrete. In fact, a number of areas on your home can benefit from pressure washing by a professional technician.

What Surfaces Benefit Most From Professional Pressure Washing?


The most obvious use for a pressure washing company is to clean concrete and pavement. As concrete is actually quite porous, it can trap dirt, which is what gives it that darker color. However, because pressure washers use a significant pressure, the water essentially flushes out the dirt in these pores, leaving it looking like new.

Pressure washing isn’t just for dirt on concrete, though. If you have tough gum, oil, or rust stains that will not come off with hours of scrubbing, pressure washing can remove them in a few minutes.


Brick exteriors may be beautiful, but they are tricky to clean. They are rough, so they tend to catch a lot of dirt blown in the air or make a nice target for cobwebs. However, the biggest problem for brick is graffiti. While you can scrub graffiti with specialized removers, even if you do remove the paint, the shadow of the design will be left behind. Furthermore, the act of scrubbing brick also risks damaging it.

By choosing a professional pressure washing company when you have an incident of graffiti, they can use the right pressure to dissolve the paint and remove it without leaving those shadows.


If you drive through many neighborhoods, if you look at the roofs you will probably notice streaks. They are on so many houses, you’d think them normal. However, those streaks are actually mold or algae growing from the roofing naturally being rained on. The shingles will likely be fine from it, but it is definitely not very pleasing to look at. If you want superior curb appeal, don’t just get the siding cleaned by a pressure washing company, the roof can benefit as well.


Although a much lower pressure will need to be used, windows can also benefit from pressure washing. Not only do they get cleaned fast via pressure washing, but they get cleaned more thoroughly.

Do you have any of the above on your home that might benefit from pressure washing by a professional? Contact us today to see what CHS Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning can do for you.