When Is The Best Time Of Year To Pressure Wash?

Pressure washing your property may not only enhance its appearance but can also remove mold growth. Power washing your deck, fence, and concrete surfaces may be done at various times of the year, but how do you know when to do it?

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Pressure Wash?

What Time of Day Is Best for a Power Wash?

Power washing may be done at any time of day, from dawn to dusk, although the presence of sunlight and cloud cover might complicate the process further. Pressure washing service providers who have worked in various locations and at various times of the day are more likely to have a wide range of experience. It is normal not to want to pressure wash in total darkness, but any degree of light helps a service expert finish the task to their full potential.

Power Washing Condition That Works Best

From 45 degrees and rain to 95 degrees and sunshine, almost every weather condition is suitable for power cleaning. The weather seldom affects power washing results, except when temperatures dip below freezing or a rainstorm. It is up to the professional to decide whether to wait for the storm to pass or return the next day to complete their task in bad weather.

How Frequently Should You Power Wash?

When it comes to cleaning the outside of your property, it may be challenging to figure out how frequently. You can usually determine by looking around the house whether or not a thorough cleaning is required. A professional pressure washing company should be contacted if the floor is very filthy or the house seems unclean.

Additional Considerations When Cleaning the Exterior of a House

When it comes to washing your home’s siding, other variables to consider include:

  • Strong winds and heavy rain after a storm may cause dirt to accumulate faster on the exterior of a house.
  • When a property is located near trees that produce sap, it may need more regular power washing of the outside to prevent sap from damaging siding.
  • It’s essential to keep your home’s exterior clean and mold and mildew-free if you reside in a section of the country that has higher than average temperatures and humidity levels.


It is best to hire an expert to clean your house or business. Pressure washing, if done poorly, may cause structural damage. Contact CHS Clean now to learn more about our pressure washing services if you need to get rid of winter filth.