Why You Should Get Your Commercial Property Pressure Washed

The next three quarters are highly popular shopping seasons for a lot of commercial property owners, now would be a great time to get your buildings looking brand new. You could have some light signs of graffiti, or some minor chemical spillage, or a bunch of bubble gum slapped onto your pillars. You could also have paint which looks like it needs another coat but was only recently painted. These could be signs your property could use a good pressure wash.

Why You Should Get Your Commercial Property Pressure Washed

There Are Lots Signs Of Heavy Use

Your property could have minor signs of graffiti, or maybe a dried up pile of vomit or a massive dried up paint spill. With the right chemicals and pressure settings, all of these things can be easily removed. Pressure washers shouldn’t be handled by an amateur user. They have extremely high settings which could damage wood if the wrong pressure setting is used, it can still get damaged even if the right setting is used but is held too close. There is also a little kickback, like a shotgun, which comes with using a pressure washer and can take the inexperienced user by surprise.

Your Buildings Look Like They Need A Paint Job, But Aren’t Peeling Or Fading

Lets say you got your building painted recently, maybe only a few years ago but it is starting to look like it needs a new paint job already. This could be easily caused by excess smog or light hints of dirt which builds up over time. Luckily, pressure washers can easily remove all of these signs and your paint will look like new again.

There Are Signs Of Damaging Algae, Moss, Mold & Mildew

These things tend to grow in moist environments, like a humid summer or if you had a lot of rain last year. They slowly eat away at your property and can erode your concrete sidewalks or even cause wood to rot. Pressure washing is relatively cheap and quick process and could potentially save you thousands of dollars in damage later on.

Have your commercial property pressure washed today by calling one of our experts today!