How To Prepare Your Commercial Location For Pressure Washing

Once you have found a professional that you would like to have come and pressure wash your commercial location, it is important that you prepare for them. This helps the process to go smoothly and allows you to get the most out of your pressure washing. Here is how to prepare your commercial location for pressure washing.

How To Prepare Your Commercial Location For Pressure Washing

Clear The Area

One of the first things that you can do to prepare your commercial location for pressure washing is to clear the area as much as possible. This includes moving exterior items, such as supplies, furniture, recreational vehicles, regular vehicles, machinery, etc. Removing these items makes it easy for the professionals to pressure wash all the exterior surfaces on and around your location, rather than just the areas that aren’t being blocked by these items.

Post Signs

Second, you want to take the time to post signs for everyone who comes to the commercial location to see. These signs can explain when the pressure washing will take place, and how long the pressure washing will take. This gives them warning ahead of time, so that they know they need to avoid parking or otherwise using the area that is being pressure washed. This will also be helpful for all employees, so they know where to park, what doors to enter and exit through, etc.

Section Off Certain Areas

Lastly, make sure you take the time to plan which areas will be sectioned off during the pressure washing process. This gives the professional room to clean the building, parking lot, sidewalks, etc., without worrying about other items getting in the way. This helps them to move more quickly through the pressure washing process and allows them to clean an entire area before moving onto the next section. It also gives your customers/clients, and employees, areas where they can still enter and exit the commercial location.

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