The Best Apartment Building Washing Services with CHS Clean

If you own an apartment building or run a business in one, you understand how keeping it clean can be a challenge. Dirt, moss, pollen, leaves, and other detritus unavoidably build up, especially on the exterior surfaces. Such debris can stain or damage the roofs, siding, sidewalks, stairs, and windows on your apartment building.

To avoid such damage, you need regular washing services for your apartment building. At CHS Clean, we provide high-quality, affordable apartment building washing services with customized plans to cater to your budget. Read on more about our services.

The Best Apartment Building Washing Services with CHS Clean

Safe, Effective Cleaning For Apartment Building Exterior

With CHS Clean, you do not have to worry about damaging the integrity of the paintwork or the surface finish. We employ a soft pressure cleaning technique that protects the surface appearance and integrity while still delivering high-powered cleaning results. The approach involves traditional washing pressure tools but incorporates special lower psi nozzles, meaning we can clean stone surfaces, signs, or monuments without etching or damaging messaging.

Breezeway Cleaning

We all know the impact and impression a clean, well-maintained breezeway can have on tenants and new residents. This reason is why at CHS Clean, we have tailored our window cleaning services to business. We have a team of expertly trained personnel equipped with all the best tools for their craft.

To achieve customer satisfaction, we work with our local team and clients to create schedules that work and stick to the timetables unwaveringly. Ask us about having a regular schedule for your breezeway cleaning to keep it looking fresh all year round.

Concrete Washing For Apartment Complexes

Concrete surfaces, sidewalks, and parking lots, especially in the Beaufort, SC area, are particularly vulnerable to damage from mold growth. Such stains and growth risk damaging an essential component of your apartment building. At CHS Clean, we provide unmatched concrete washing for your property in addition to our outstanding roof washing service.

Our roof washing employs the soft pressure technique for easier cleaning without damaging the shingles. We incorporate special biodegradable chemicals to safely and effectively remove and break down organic materials like mold. The result of our services is a clean and structurally unaffected building.


CHS Clean guarantees you a thorough exterior apartment cleaning that will delight your residents and protect your investment. Contact us for a free estimate on our services.