What Surfaces are best for Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is one of the more effective methods of getting the various surfaces around your home clean. It can help get filthy concrete and muddy bricks looking like they were just put in place yesterday if you do it right. However, pressure washing can easily be used on a variety of different surfaces around your average home. These are a few of the surfaces that would benefit the most from a good pressure washing.

What Surfaces are best for Pressure Washing


The obvious choice and the thing that most people’s minds gravitate to for pressure washing is concrete. Concrete can easily get dirt trapped within it which is one of the things that gives it a darker color after a period of time. But pressure washers use significant pressure, so they can flush out the dirt trapped inside the pores of concrete and leave it looking as good as new.


If you’re one to look at the roofs of homes in your neighborhood then you will probably notice an abundance of streaks on them. As it happens, these streaks are mostly composed of mold or algae and are not naturally part of that surface. Fortunately, a quick blast from the pressure washer can sort that right out.


Whilst you will need to lower the pressure to avoid smashing them up, windows can benefit from a pressure wash as well. Cleaning windows with a rag or low-powered hose can take hours or even days and will not give you anywhere near the level of cleaning that will result from a good, thorough pressure washing.


Bricks can look pretty, sure, but they are also extremely difficult to get clean. They’re rough, catch dirt easily, and make an easy target for cobwebs. But the biggest problem is cleaning off graffiti. In addition, the very act of cleaning a brick can potentially damage it. By having a professional pressure wash the bricks, you can avoid all these problems and get the bricks much cleaner than you would be able to manage by hand.

If you feel that your home might benefit from a good pressure washing by an experienced professional then contact us to see how CHS Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning can help you clean your home surfaces.