Why Your Roof Should be Professionally Pressure Washed

Regularly cleaning your roof has many benefits. It helps prolong its service life by getting rid of grime, moss, soot, algae, and other forms of dirt that can damage its lifespan. Having your roof professionally pressure washed maintains its color and, by extension, your overall home appearance and condition. However, pressure washing your roof is not a do it yourself job and should be left to professional cleaners for the following reasons:

Why Your Roof Should be Professionally Pressure Washed

It is a tough balancing act.

Balancing on a roof is by itself dangerous; managing the awkward weight and powerful pressure of the equipment while on a sloppy and slick surface is  difficult for the inexperienced and can result in severe injuries and even fatalities if one falls off. A professional cleaner, on the other hand, is more knowledgeable and can even reach seemingly inaccessible places while on a ladder, eliminating the need to be on the roof.

Too much pressure can damage the roof.

Exerting too much water pressure while cleaning the roof can erode ceramic granules on shingles, making the tiles thin and delicate. High water pressure can also break the adhesive that holds the shingles together, consequently blowing the shingle off the roof. Excessive water pressure can also compromise the sealants on roof features such as chimneys, vents, chimneys, and solar panels. Professional cleaners are well aware of all these risks and utilize low-pressure wash systems with special nozzles for shingle cleaning, preserving your roof along with the tile manufacturer’s warranty.

Thorough roof washing takes skill and expertise.

Reaching debris and dirt stuck between the crevices and cracks of roofing shingles requires some level of skill that can only be gained by extended practice. A cleaning professional will also know how to clean around roof features such as chimneys without leaving traces of dirt around those areas. They are also well aware of the best surfactant and cleaning solution to dissolve the dirt without drying out or damaging the shingles.

Uncommon shingles

Cleaning methods for shingles vary with the type of shingle on the property. For instance, asphalt shingles require to be delicately handled when using pressure washing as a cleaning method, while clay roof shingles can be subjected to higher water pressures without damage. Professionals are well versed with the cleaning method and water pressure relevant to each shingle type and will thus choose what’s best for you.

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